Volunteer Roles

The volunteer positions and responsibilities are listed below:

Volunteer Check-in Table

  • Register all volunteers throughout the day
  • Direct to onsite training
  • Distribute lanyards (cluster, logistic volunteer, VIP)
  • Provide hospitality/general information instructions
  • Setup breakfast and replenish breakfast as time allows


  • Welcome people
  • Monitors entrances, exits, bathrooms, doors
  • Engage with kids
  • May rotate positions – this ensures the volunteers do not get bored at one station for too long.

Bus and School Check-In

  • Located outside (the bus parking lot)
  • Ask what school and check off on clipboard
  • Bus number by order they arrive (not by school or district)
  • Provide printed bus number to driver AND one for the teacher
  • Guide bus towards lot
  • General bus traffic support

Information & Security Desk

  • Be knowledgeable on: Maps, exit help, lost and found

 Bus Parking

  • Located outside (bus parking lots)
  • Direct (helpbuses park in appropriate rows
  • Encourage buses to stay
  • Direct the bus drivers to the bus driver station inside
  • Guide/Funnel students walking to the flagged off entrance path
  • Remind teachers to tell students what bus number to get back on

Volunteer, Bus Drive, and Exhibitor Hospitality

  • Set up room
  • Prepare tables and chairs
  • Clean up room
  • Monitor and replenish water, coffee, and all snacks (alert JA if running low on food, snacks, drinks)

Volunteer Captains

  • Guide students through the career stations
  • Serve as a point person for educators