Educator Overview

Thank you for your interest in Junior Achievement of Memphis and the Mid-South’s new program for 8th graders – JA Inspire Virtual. This is more than just a career fair! It is an interactive experience that brings together the business community and regional schools to help launch students into their future—high school, college, and careers beyond.

Prior to the live event, students will prepare in the classroom by exploring different careers and career pathways using the JA Inspire Virtual curriculum. The lessons combine teacher-led instruction with asynchronous learning to empower students to take the reins on their academic learning and career planning.

At the event, regional businesses, within many of the 16 career clusters, will have virtual booths with career and company information, videos, pamphlets, and more. Students can interact with companies through a moderated Q&A session, collect points for prizes by exploring different parts of the platform, and download career information from booths to their virtual backpack to access later! Even better, they have access to the entire platform for 90 days post-event to dive even deeper into all the information.

JA Inspire Virtual can be completed while in school or while students work remotely. It’s up to you! There are no personal chats or live speakers, so the platform is a completely safe environment for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequent questions & answers about JA Inspire.

You can register as many classes and students as you’d like.

The live JA Inspire Virtual event is scheduled for two days, May 18 and May 19, 2021. Your class(es) can attend one of the two live days. Students will be able to access the virtual platform for 90 days following the live event dates.

The live event will be held from 8:00am-4:00pm, with tech and operations support from the JA team. Students will be assigned to either a morning or afternoon session on the live days.

Check with your school’s IT department to be sure there are no firewall issues that will prevent students and teachers from accessing the virtual platform. Please ensure that students will have access to the internet at home if they will be attending the virtual fair away from school. Also, be sure that your students have headphones on the day of the event.

Students must complete the first five lessons of the JA Inspire Virtual curriculum prior to attending the live event. These lessons are designed to introduce students to career exploration and prepare them for the virtual experience. After the live event, students will use all the information they have learned and researched to create an actionable plan for high school and beyond.

The lessons are accessed electronically and will contain fillable PDFs and external links to assessments and resources. The curriculum can be implemented virtually or in person. Activities in the lessons have been developed for students to complete independently; however, teachers can provide support for students as needed.

The curriculum includes: a career and skills assessment, access to a digital career book for career exploration, tips on developing soft skills, an introduction to the JA Inspire Journeys, resources for creating an actionable high school plan, and more.

JA staff will provide an implementation guide for the curriculum, as well as a program guide and video walkthrough of the vFairs platform. Our team is available to schedule training sessions for educators to prepare them for the event as needed. If requested, the training session will be conducted virtually and will last approximately one (1) hour.

Students will have the opportunity to visit exhibitor booths and engage with companies, create a virtual backpack to collect career information, participate in a scavenger hunt, and attend a speaker series in the auditorium.

Yes, JA staff will work with educators to create unique log-ins for each student. Educators will be responsible for giving directions on how to log into the vFairs platform.

The only requirement is that participating students be in the 8th grade. There is no cost for schools and no limit on the number of students that can participate.

No, the chat feature will not be enabled on the platform. However, students can submit questions to exhibitors via a moderated Q&A. Any questions from students or answers from exhibitors submitted across the platform must be approved by the moderator (JA staff) before being posted to the site.