Are you ready to be inspired? JA Inspire returns this year with a two-part career exploration fair for 8th grade students. This is more than just a career fair though! It is an interactive experience that brings together the business and education communities to create an immersive event designed to launch students into their future.

Prior to the expo, students will prepare in the classroom by exploring different careers and educational pathways using the JA Inspire curriculum. Each lesson is designed for self-guided learning with options for teacher-led facilitation included. Using this curriculum, students are empowered to take the reins on their academic learning and career planning as they head into high school.

This year, the program will culminate at the JA Inspire Career Expo, an in-person event.

At the event, students’ minds will open as they are immersed in 5 journeys as they

  • Bring a meal from Farm to Table
  • Take a product from Design to Production
  • Move a student athlete from Injury to Rehabilitation
  • Launch a song from Studio to Stadium
  • Expose students to what’s next on their career journey

The JA Inspire Career Expo will bring those careers to life with simulated activities and hands-on demonstrations.