We’re taking 8th grade students across the Mid-South on an immersive career exploration journey this spring!


JA Inspire is a powerful, interactive experience that brings together industry leaders and regional schools for an exciting look into fast-growing, high-demand careers available in our region. It is more than a career fair; it exposes students to diverse career pathways and helps launch them into their future—high school, college, careers, and beyond.

What is JA Inspire?

JA Inspire is a career exploration program designed for students to learn about and gain exposure to the industries and career opportunities available to them across the Mid-South. The program culminates with both a virtual fair and a hands-on expo that bring to life a variety of careers, while highlighting the different educational pathways to obtaining them.

What does JA Inspire include?

JA Inspire includes a tailored curriculum that takes students through the career exploration process—from defining what is a career and taking a career and skills assessment to researching the fastest growing industries and exploring careers of interest in the JA Journeys.

When & where is JA Inspire?

JA Inspire has a two-part culminating experience this year! Our virtual fair launches February 15th and will run through May 15th on the online platform, vFairs. Then, students will arrive at our interactive, hands-on expo at the Agricenter on May 16-18, 2023.

Why is JA Inspire unique?

JA Inspire offers students the opportunity to learn about careers directly from industry representatives in time to begin planning their high school course work and better prepare themselves for life after graduation. Through our unique framework called JA Journeys, this program explores the intersectionality of careers across industries and highlights how students can utilize their skills and interests differently.

JA Journeys

As students explore the program, they will be introduced to the JA Journeys. These journeys not only allow students to see how a variety of careers intersect to create a desired product or service, but they also align with the major economic drivers within our region. It is important for students to realize that certain skills and training are adaptable and can help them move across industries within the same career or open the door to a new field of interest. This year, JA Inspire will offer career exploration using the journeys:


This Year’s Focus Industries