YOUR Opportunity to build the future workforce!

Exhibitor Overview

Junior Achievement of Memphis and the Mid-South has a new program and we NEED you!

What if a child in the 8th grade understood the 1,000’s of career opportunities available to

• Bring a meal from Farm to Table
• Take a product from Design to Production
• Move a student athlete from Injury to Rehabilitation
• Launch a song from Studio to Stadium

At Junior Achievement, we believe it’s critical to introduce our community’s learners to these opportunities before they start high school. Introducing JA Inspire Virtual, a career exploration fair for 8th grade students that will:

• Introduce students to the vast industries and career opportunities available in the region.
• Train students in the soft skills needed to thrive in these careers.
• Educate students on the varied pathways to successfully launch into those careers.

Now is the time for us to come together as a community to excite and train our children to join our region’s economy as thriving participants. We would like to invite you to participate in this dynamic virtual experience and become a part of the JA community.

For more information or questions, please contact Dominique Primer, or 901-366-7800.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequent questions & answers about JA Inspire.

Students will form their first impression of your industry, as well as your business, based on the materials you post to your virtual booth. The more visual your materials, the better! However, lovely images also need the additional component of educational information, so be sure to pack the job descriptions and video links with more information about your industry.

Video tours of your organization and visual models of products, PDFs of catalogs and brochures, or games about your business will motivate students to use the Q&A option to ask more questions of those staffing your booth.

We recommend using materials that are not heavy in text, but rather ones that use bullet points. Students can download any documents you post to their digital backpack to continue reading later as well. This will allow students to be exposed to a vast amount of information throughout their experience at the career exploration event without being overwhelmed. Anytime an image can be used to illustrate something in your industry, it is recommended to use it.

If you have the time to create an industry term crossword or word search. This can be a fun takeaway for students to put into their digital backpacks.

If you normally provide giveaways, you may consider providing students with coupons or gift card downloads for ITunes or fast food.

What kind of skills do I need to work at your business?

  • soft skills — teamwork, responsibility, initiative, leadership
  • technical skills — math, information technology, etc.


Are there any educational requirements for the job? (diploma, degree, etc.) how much money do positions in your field make?

  • Offer an annual salary or hourly range roles.


After your organization registers to participate, your contact person will receive login credentials to begin building a vFair booth along with a detailed exhibitor guide. JA staff will offer support throughout the process if you have questions or run into any issues.

Yes, each exhibitor will have a Q&A feature enabled on their booth. On the day of the live event, you may have one or more individual staff in your booth in shifts, or simultaneously by giving them login credentials. The Q&A will be monitored by booth moderators to ensure that all interactions on the platform are appropriate and on topic.

If you are unable to staff your booth during the event, please notify JA staff to plan for an alternative option.


Students will be able to visit online booths 90 days beyond the two-day event. However, the Q&A feature in the exhibitor booths will be disabled once the live event ends. Once the 90 days ends, the online fair will close and booths will be automatically disabled.

Contact Dominique Primer at or 901-366-7800.